Newly registered, still no access? - Update

Especially if after your registration you still can't do much here.
Prove that you are a person, find out where to send your kmail to!
Prove that you are a smart person, do it right after registering!
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Newly registered, still no access? - Update

Post by ShaBob »

Hi clannies,

If you've registered, gotten the activation email & activated your account, there's still a small step to go:

1. Send SoftwareGuy a k-mail inside the game to let them know you're activated -- or mention this in /clan chat and (with a wee bit of luck) someone there might be able to sort you out.

2. That's it. We'll get to you as soon as.

If you DON'T send the a k-mail or post in chat, you will not see the clan's private forums! This is a bit of a pain, but the alternative was to be snowed under in spam.


PS: If, for some reason, you have trouble registering at all because of a tiny question, you may want to consider entering chat and joining channel /clan.
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Re: Newly registered, still no access? - Update

Post by apenny »

Note kmail should be sent to apenny, Zanthia, and robot ze as SoftwareGuy is out on medical leave.