Not Dead Yet

Hall of Praise

A Elbereth Gilthoniel / silivren penna miriel / o menel aglar elenath.

Over the years, the game has offered the players and clan members a variety of items for the Clan Hall VIP Room. These are all items which are used by the clan members during ascension and in aftercore, often they are vital to strategy, or simply good fun. These all came at a heavy price, and this page is to remember the clan members who caused these things to be available to all of us.

Image of a Pool Table

When the Clan VIP room was introduced in May 2009, a clan furnishing was offered by TPTMBG - a Pool Table. This came at the whopping price of 5 Mr. A's. After some lively discussion, it was decided that one was needed by NDY, both as an incentive for new members and for the benefit of the clan. There was lively debatee about using clan finances on something not all clannies could benefit from, and so some clannies pooled their own finds to obtain it. We offer them our sincere thanks.

Cool Hand Lukes
Anony Mouse

Image of a Crimbo Tree

During Crimbo 2009, the game allowed us to erect a Crimbo Tree in our VIP Room. This task required five players to donate 10,000 Crimbucks, the equivalent of 10,000,000 meat, to buy a Crimbough. Now NDY is the proud possessor of a Crimbo Tree, which provides weekly gifts to all members who are in possession of a VIP Key. We'd like to thank each of the five, and ask that you should too.

Planters of the Crimbough Tree
man tater

Image of a Ball Pit

On the 29th Day of January, 2010, the Travelling Trader set up his stall and was selling Colorful Plastic Balls. It was soon discovered that these could be used to create an Awesome Ball Pit in the Rumpus Room. After some spading, we became aware that the maximum benefit would be obtained from adding 10,000 balls to the Pit. As always NDY members were not found wanting, and the following members had the pit filled before most of us even logged on.

Ball Pit Players

Image of a Looking Glass

In March 2010, a new clan furnishing was offered by TPTMBG - a Looking Glass. This came at the whopping price of 3 Mr. A's, but dangled the possibility of reams of new extra content for the clan. Before anyone else could come along and do otherwise, one awesome NDY member went and bought the damned thing, leaving the rest of us eternally in his debt.

The Al K Hall of Looking Glass Purchasers
Al K Hall

Image of an April Shower

In April 2011, a new clan VIP furnishing was offered by TPTMBG - an April Shower. Like the Looking Glass before it, this came at the unenviable price of 3 Mr. A's, but was something which could have real benefit for speedsters and bleeding edge players. As before, without anyone else prompting or demanding, one awesome NDY member went and bought the thing, and was really modest and kind about the entire incident, which we all agreed would never be mentioned again.

The Boogie Stuck in the Drain of April Shower Purchasers