Not Dead Yet

A Kingdom of Loathing Clan

Who We Are

Not Dead Yet (NDY) is dedicated to enhancing the KOL experience for its members. We are a helpful, friendly and non-aggressive clan both internally and with respect to other players and clans within the Kingdom. We use a ranking system to enable the smooth running of the clan but thrive on mutual respect and value everyone's contribution.

The mission of Not Dead Yet is to enhance the KOL gaming experience for players of all levels by providing a pool of expertise and resources to enable members to gain the maximum enjoyment from the game under the direction of a motivated and dedicated leadership. The clan is very much a community, so, if all you are looking for is extra meat and access to a stash, we may be the wrong clan for you.

Initial progress in the clan is attained by being an active member, participating in Clan Chat and getting to know your fellow clan members. Once this is accomplished, the full benefits of clan membership are available to you. If you don't want to participate in the clan, then we may ask you to look elsewhere.

NDY provides each member with solid benefits including:

Free Stuff
As a new Member of the Clan, you will receive a welcome package tailored to your experience and class. For new players this will include some meat as well as other helpful items, including one which will give you an extra adventure every day.
Free Buffs
Make use of the clan pool table and hot tub for buffing (when available). We also have a Hot Dog Stand, April Shower, Full Ball Pit, Crimbo Tree, Looking Glass **and** a Fax Machine
Free Competitions
We run at regular major contests with substantial prizes as well as several fun chat contests each month
Free Excitement
Full Members can make use of our basement which contains a well run Dreadsylvania, Hobopolis and Slime Tube. Take part in speed runs to acquire sought after items such as Hodgman's imaginary hamster as well as other outfits.
Free Stuff
Whether you need an expensive outfit for the tattoo, a TPS to make those TPS cocktails or want to try out an item of the month before buying it, our loaner programme can help you out. (Subject to status.)
Extra Adventures
NDY has a full range of Clan Furnishings which ensures you get an extra **Nine Adventures** every day. As any KoL veteran will tell you, adventures are the true currency of the game, and every extra few will ensure your future success.
We also offer a fully-equipped sideclan for those whose interests include PvP, granting a whopping 15 extra PvP fights for your ongoing entertainment.
NDY is proud of the experience of its senior clan members. With the accumulated wealth of their adventuring, NDY is ready to pass that knowledge to you. Each of us is aware of how confusing and difficult life in the kingdom can seem, and each of us wants to help our clannies to succeed.
New Members
The members of NDY pride themselves on being welcoming to new members, and on trying to make sure that every new member shares the values that have made the clan so succesful. We have a section of this website dedicated to new members, and are always happy to help out new victims members as they find their place in the clan.


Feel free to email us to find our how we can help you feel better, give us suggestions for our new website, or to just say hello!