Not Dead Yet

Clan Charter

Mission Statement

The mission of Not Dead Yet is to enhance the KOL gaming experience for players of all levels by providing a pool of expertise and resources to enable members to gain the maximum enjoyment from the game under the direction of a motivated and dedicated leadership.

This is a living, evolving document which sets out, in broad terms, the objectives and policies of Not Dead Yet.

Not Dead Yet (NDY) is dedicated to enhancing the KOL experience for its members. We are a helpful, friendly and non-aggressive clan both internally and with respect to other players and clans within the Kingdom irrespective of rank or status. We have need of a ranking system to enable the smooth running of the clan but thrive on mutual respect and value everyone's contribution.

Unacceptable behaviour

Any behaviour by an individual which brings the clan's name into disrepute will result in immediate expulsion. This includes scamming, begging, looting and harassment anywhere in KOL.


Good communication is essential to a community like ours and the following should be noted.

  • Important announcements are posted in clan hall. It is every member's responsibility to check these when logging in.
  • All members are encouraged to subscribe to the off-site forum where important information is regularly posted. Please use your character name when signing up for the forums.
  • When adventuring, members are expected to log into /clan channel and to join in discussion so we can all get to know each other.
  • When adventuring in the clan dungeon you must be logged into and listening to /hobopolis chat. Penalities for violation of this rule are noted in the Clan Hobopolis Rules
  • When adventuring in the Slimetube you must be logged into and listening to /slimetube chat.

Clan Stash

The purpose of the stash is to help members with adventuring. It is not there for members to make a profit. Only take what you need for immediate use. The items in the stash are there due to the generousity of our members and you are encouraged to donate when you are able, Meat donations should be in the form of dense meat stacks. Please DO NOT donate items which you would not normally sell through a mall store. It is a great amount of work for the stash managers to pull and autosell these items for you, and karma accrued in this manner is considered "cheating". Please autosell them and donate the dense meat stacks.

The stash use is reviewed regularly and abusers may be demoted, or expelled. When removing items of high mall value, please plan on replacing them with other high mall value or dense. The contribution does not need to be immediate, but the stash is not self-replenishing and needs valuable contributions in order to remain relevant. While taking food and booze is encouraged, if you choose to do so regularly, please make sure a) you are contributing fairly, and b) you let someone know when supplies are running low.


Members who have not logged on for some time will be booted unless they have notified an officer of a planned absence or posted to the forum thread, as shown below,

  1. Full members will be demoted after 30 days inactivity and booted after 60 days inactivity.
  2. Ranks below full member will be booted after 30 days inactivity.
  3. Inactive officers may be demoted if their position needs to be filled.
  4. A member who doesn't log into or participate in chat may be booted after 30 days.

Structure and Ranks

The clan is managed by a team of officers under the leadership of Directors, each of whom controls one of three departments. The structure is as follows:

Founder - Founders of Not Dead Yet who have delegated leadership to the Directors

Director of Finance

  • Treasury Manager
  • Meatfarming Manager
  • Stash management

Director of Personnel

  • Admissions Manager
  • Recruitment Manager
  • Mentor management
  • Promotions

Director of Administration

  • Dungeon Manager
  • Special Projects
  • Contests Manager
  • Forum Manager

Ranks are given as a way to distinguish active participants within the clan and our leadership structure. If you hold a rank that has a minimum karma, you must maintain that minimum. Failure to do so may result in the loss of rank in question. Periodically we will have guests visit our clan, a rank has been established for that. Any member with 100 karma or less is subject to ejection from the clan; this shows a member's unwillingness to contribute to the clan.

  1. Members not meeting the karma requirement for their rank may receive a warning giving them two weeks to increase their karma. If they fail to do so, they will be demoted.
  2. Trial members will be booted after being in the rank for two weeks.
  3. If you are looking for a question here: How many newbs have been sacrificed to curry favour with the RNG?


  1. From Trial Member to New Member will be on showing up in /clan chat and recommendation.
  2. From New member to Full member is karma based, one rank at a time and reviewed regularly.
  3. Promotion to Senior member is entirely at the whim and discretion of the management.
    • There can be no hard and fast rules for this, but suffice to say that it requires an outstanding contribution to the clan.
    • Please do not ask for such a promotion as this will make it less likely to happen.
    • All of those who are presently at Senior Rank have made such a contribution and would welcome your participation.

Clan Dungeons

The clan has a full set of Dungeons available in the basement, and a full suite of Rules & Policies to deal with them, and the loot which drops there. This can be accessed on a separate page

Rank Table

The table sets out ranks with their corresponding privilges and karma requirements.

Ability Senior Member Full Member Regular Member New Member Trial Member Visitor
Change Rank Y N N N N N
Change Title Y N N N N N
View Log Y Y Y Y Y N
View Whitelist Y Y Y Y Y N
Edit Whitelist N N N N N N
Announce Y N N N N N
Delete Announce N N N N N N
Delete Message N N N N N N
Attack N N N N N N
Buy War Stuff N N N N N N
Furnish N N N N N N
Clan Buffs N N N N N N
Adventure in Clan Basement Y Y N N N N
Dungeon Master N N N N N N
Forum Admin N N N N N N
Karma Requirement exempt 60000 2500 500 100 0
Zero Items 1 1 0 0 0 0
Daily Karma Pulls 3000 3000 1000 500 100 0